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Veneto Data Platform project presented in Brussels

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Date eventi passati: 24 Giugno 2024 alle 16:30

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Veneto Data Platform

As part of the Veneto Digital Agenda, the Veneto Region headquarters in Brussels hosted the “Veneto Data Platform,” an initiative promoted by the municipality of Padua along with 10 other urban authorities that aims to create a synergy in data management between the city and the region.

“Our aim is to develop more effective public policies, optimize services for citizens and increase the competitiveness of our territory,” said Luca De Pietro, director of the Veneto Region’s Digital Agenda ICT strategic unit. Data, De Pietro stressed, will be “the added value of our future.”

The meeting was also an opportunity to learn about some best practices in smart city and smart land at the European and EU level, as explained by Chiara Venturini, head of digital transformation and economic development at Eurocities. In fact, according to research, it is the EU that could offer support in overcoming the obstacles that cities encounter in digital transformation.

Looking forward, the project will also affect sectors such as socio-health prevention, mobility services, agriculture and tourism with the ultimate goal of “creating a ‘digital twin’ of the city or region that will enable operational decisions and planning decisions in all areas with a holistic approach,” concluded Alberto Corò executive of the innovation and digital transition sector of the municipality of Padua, one of the virtuous protagonists of this initiative as well as its initiator.


Allegati scaricabili dell'evento

Relatore: Chiara Venturini

Head of Digital Transformation & Economic Development - Eurocities
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CHIARA VENTURINI Delivering digital transformation for cities: a European network perspective

Relatore: Leticia Casañ

Coordinator of the Valencian Community Delegation in Brussels
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Leticia Casañ - Valencia Smart City

Relatore: Matteo Metta

Digital Agriculture Specialist FAO
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MATTEO METTA - FAO Digital Village Initiatives

Relatore: Alberto Corò

Municipality of Padua
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ALBERTO CORO - Veneto Data Platform

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